The Failure I want to consider is an end, a dead end, a limitation. It isn’t overcome in the second act. It’s big and it’s laying face down. These symbols exist in the same contingent world we do. Each is on the precipice of performing, revealing a space of confusion and vulnerability through the unmasking of its own structure. Therefore…symbols that can talk about their own coming into being as well as their limitations, are of critical interest to me. It’s a doomed activity.

SEX IN THE AFTERLIFE In-progress new video work conceived for Penis Envy II group show at TMRW PARTY in Seattle.

Unstable Objects for an Unstable Archive

I. Images
The images I’ve compiled are cast-offs of my work in video. They never quite became anything other than unstable objects for an unstable archive: a semi-embodied potentiality. I propose to compile these—video stills, iphone and older flip-phone photos—into a moving archive in video format. To give them language or non-language, through which patterns start to emerge. Via glimpses, flashes, disappearance and absence, I’m interested in the potential of images to function as a ruin.

II. Ruin, Holograms & the Internet
There is not, will not be a monument, a work as finished product, but rather a malleable, speculative state of contingency. The image becomes imagined form once it enters the selective functions of memory and perception. The internet provides an ideal platform for ongoing states of ruin to unfold: it bears witness to its own processes of presence, revision and disappearance, communicating its totality only through the virtual.

III. Words
In 2010 I began writing a series of fragmentary passages related to the images. They likewise exist in a state of contingency, becoming a collection of moments.

belonging to some speculative ritual greater than itself.

Somewhere else, a massive flock of sparrows orbits an invisible point in the sky.

(the sun speaks in morse code)

Broken time, interiors and broken form


The Destruction of the Father


excerpt for ‘Penis Envy: NSFW’